Fixing AirPods won?t connect Issue in 11 Steps at Home

Sometimes AirPods won?t connect to the Apple device and it feels a hanging problem. The issue may be some times related with mis-configuration of hardware or software problem. To make your Airpods work correctly, you must need everything to configure properly.

Here today we will try learn out all the possible problems which can make your AirPods not working. Beside to that we will also workout for the possible solution to each issue to make your AirPods in working condition again.

AirPods won't connect

Fixing AirPods won?t connect Issue in 11 Steps at Home

Should I Claim the AirPods Warranty or Buy a Replacement?

At this point one can?t say that you need a warranty claim or Replacement. However, after a successful diagnose and troubleshooting you can find the real problem and all possible solutions.

Because, at this point if you get a replacement for AirPods, this doesn?t means that you will get your problem solved. Your new pair may get the same problem because the issue is with something else. When you follow this guide, you will get your problem solved.

AirPods won?t connect? ? Try to Configure AirPods with iPhone

1. Restart your iPhone

At the first stage, try to restart your iPhone or linked Apple device. This can fix some common issues and help to make your AirPods work back again. This because the restart will make all the background process shutdown and restart all the services and drivers.

You can turn-off or restart your iPhone or other Apple devices by using the power button. Press and hold the button until you see the service menu to restart your device.

2. Enable Bluetooth & Make it Visible

  • Turn-off the Bluetooth if its already working. Wait few minutes and turn-on it back. You can use the path Settings>>Bluetooth to turn-on with toggle button.
Enable Bluetooth & Make it Visible
  • You can also swipe up from bottom of screen to open control panel and enable Bluetooth by tapping on its icon.
  • Make it sure that your Bluetooth is visible by other devices and then scan for your Airpods, hopefully now you will be able to connect with it. If your issue is not solved yet, then move forward.

3. Update your iPhone Software

Sometimes the problem is with your OS, scan your Apple device for latest updates. If you found any latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS for your device then update it to latest version.

  • Start the ?Settings App? and then move to General>>Software Update>>Install Now. Then provide your password to verify your ownership.
Update your iPhone Software

You should update because latest version always contain some bug fixes, and this can simply solve your problem. If you are having problem with MacBook headphones then we have separate guide for that, you can continue below for AirPods if problem not fixed.

4. Configuring AirPods with Apple Device

  1. Airpods are designed to connect via Bluetooth automatically, when you open the case it will easily sync with your device.
  2. To connect your AirPods, just move to home screen of your device and open the AirPods case and bring it close to your device.
  3. Now wait a few seconds, until you see the animation on your Apple device. Now tap on ?Connect? and confirm the transaction by tapping on ?Done?.

5. Make it sure you are using AirPods in Range

  • Airpods must be in Bluetooth range of your linked Apple device. Because it have to transfer the audio data over Bluetooth connection.
  • Normally, the connection range is few feet. Once you start to go far away, first the voice quality goes down and after that you will face a complete disconnection.

6. Check your AirPods Charging

If your AirPods don?t have charge it will not be able to function. Therefore, to get it working back again, you need to recharge your AirPods. For that you can either put it back in Case and check if they have enough charging or not with the help of status light. (Status light will become green on full charge).

Check your AirPods Charging

If your AirPods case do not have enough charge, then you may need to connect it to charger and wait a few hours until full charge.

7. Enable Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Try to enable the Bluetooth pairing mode on your AirPods. If your Apple device is not linked with iCloud then AirPods will not connect to your device. For configuring connection you have to enable Bluetooth pairing mode.

Put your AirPods in charging case and don?t close the lid. Then press the setup button at the back of charging case. Soon you will see status light flashing, now you are in pairing mode.

8. Connect to One Device at a Time

  • AirPods are not designed to connect to multiple devices at the same time. Therefore, if there are more than one Bluetooth available AirPods my get connected to a wrong device on the basis of linked iCloud account.
  • In result you will not get the audio from your targeted device. To fix this problem first turn-off Bluetooth on all iCloud linked devices from where you don?t intended to connect AirPods. Then sync AirPods to the Apple device of your choice.

9. Clean Carbon / Debris from AirPods & Case

Clean Carbon debris from AirPods & Case

  • With the time the charging points can get debris and carbon collected around them. It may require to be get cleaned to make your AirPods work back again.
  • To clean it, take a soft bristle old toothbrush and a soft cotton fiber cloth/towel. Now clean the charging points at AirPods and case with brush, but use a very light hand don?t put too much force. Clean the rest of case with cloth and make it sure you don?t leave any fiber inside your case.

10. Reset all settings

Be sure about that, resetting your iPhone will not erase any data from iPhone. But it will make reverse all your settings to default factory settings. This will help to make it sure that issue is not related with settings. If the AirPods are not working due to some settings this trick will fix that.

To reset settings on iPhone follow this path Settings>> General>>Reset>>Reset All Settings.

11. Get your AirPods Replacement or Repaired

If still you are getting the problem with your AirPods then it is the issue with your AirPods. You must seek a repair center to get the problem fixed. You can also request for a replacement at Apple Official portal.