What is Apple Arcade Price? How to Cancel a Subscription After Trial

What is Apple Arcade Price? How to Cancel a Subscription After Trial? Apple Arcade is a new type of gaming experience featured by Apple for its users. You will get a full fledge access to premium games without any ads. The next question comes in mind is about Apple Arcade price, we will also cover that here.

But first for newbies who don?t know what is Apple Arcade lets take a little intro. We will try to cover most of questions so that you can get a clear understanding about it.

apple arcade price

What is Apple Arcade?

As we said earlier it is a paid gaming experience for iOS, macOS, tvOS and even iPadOS. The list of games available on this platform is currently handpicked by Apple. But all the games are really awesome and are from top rated developers. The games for Apple Arcade do not have in-app purchases, you can use it for offline play and can also play it across all Apple devices.

Which OS do you need to play Apple Arcade Games?

You will need to upgrade your devices to iOS 13, iPad OS 13, tvOS 13 and macOS Catalina. You have to join Apple Arcade before you can use it. For that you can download the Apple Arcade app from App Store and will also get a free trial for first month.

The setup process is really easy, just you have to provide your Apple ID to sync your account. Then you will require some payment verification steps, after that all is done.

What is Apple Arcade Price?Apple Arcade Price

Apple Arcade costs around $4.99 in a month. But the good news is that you can enjoy 1 month free trial when you sign-up Apple Arcade account.

Can I cancel Apple Arcade Subscription?

Yes of-course you can cancel the Apple Arcade after you subscribe for the services. Moreover, an important thing to keep in mind is that if you cancel the subscription you will lost the access to all games. No matter you cancel your Apple Arcade account within trial period or after that.

Here are the steps to cancel your Apple Arcade Subscription on iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the App Store and tap on the profile picture.
  • From the sub menu find and tap on ?Subscriptions?
  • Next find Apple Arcade and then tap on it.
  • Here you will find option saying ?Cancel Subscription? or if you are in trial then ?Cancel Free Trial?
  • Confirm cancellation and then its done.

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