Apple Care Plus Coverage for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch & MacBook

Apple devices are quite expensive and everyone knows that, therefore buying an insurance plan worth that. Apple Care Plus coverage helps you a lot to keep the loss to minimum. By default Apple devices include one-year warranty for all manufacturing defects.

However, on the other side Apple Care+ protects you against all types of damages including accidental drops. Moreover, AppleCare Plus coverage add-ons on the basic one year warranty.

Apple Care+ Coverage

Apple Care Plus Coverage for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch & MacBook

1. AppleCare+ Coverage for iPhone

You will get the warranty coverage extension to 2-years from default tenure of 12-months. The normal 90-days phone and chat support also get extension to 24-months. There is a coverage for accidental damage for two incidents at a nominal fee. The screen replacement is available at $29 only, while other damages will require a fix charge of $99.

Apple Care Plus Coverage
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iPhone is also eligible for ?Express Replacement Service? where you can request a device replacement via mail. This must be done before you send the damaged iPhone for coverage.

The Care+ Coverage plan will cover each and every type of accidental damage. This can include water drop, accidental drops, car running over your phone and any other thing like that. You will also get coverage for issues with battery, & every accessory.

Do AppleCare+ Cover Loss & Theft for iPhone?

Yes, it covers you but for that you have to specifically opt for ?Theft & Loss Plan?. When you enroll with it, you will get full coverage for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage, theft, or loss within 24-months period.

2. AppleCare+ Coverage for iPad

AppleCare+ for iPad also extends the hardware warranty to 24-months from the regular period of 12-months. Tech support (i.e. calling & live chat) is also extended to 24-months from normal time-frame of 90 days. Two incidents for accidental damage are also included in the package for a time period of 24-months. The service fee for a screen replacement is $29 while it is $99 for all other types of damages. The Care+ plan also covers battery and all other accessories.

In this plan AppleCare+ do not cover theft and Loss. That plan is only available with iPhone. You can get theft & loss coverage from your renter?s or homeonwer?s insurance.

3. AppleCare+ Coverage for Macs

AppleCare Plus plan extends the 12-months of warranty to three years. Similarly, the tech support (phone & chat) is also extended to three years from normal tenure of 90 days.

The accidental damage includes two incidents for 24-months time period. This will get you cover with a repair during an incident of damage for just a nominal fee. Like a screen replacement will cost you around $99 and all other damages will cost you $299 plus tax.

Everything is covered under this plan and it includes battery, charger, accessories, AirPort, RAM and every other thing.

4. AppleCare+ Coverage for Apple Watches

AppleCare+ for Apple Watch series 3 extends the default warranty to two years. You will also get 2-years extended tech support which is by default 90-days.

While AppleCare+ for Apple Watch Series 4 & 5 extends the warranty for third year. These watches normally get 2-years warranty by default and you will get extension for one-year.

The accidental damage will cover you for up to two incidents during whole period of coverage. You have to pay a nominal fee of $69 for regular and Nike+ models while it is $79 for Edition and Hermes models.