How to Backup Apple Watch & Restore After Unpairing to iPhone

To Backup Apple Watch you just require to pair it with your iPhone. Apple has configured an automatic settings where your Apple watch backup is automatically saving to iPhone. There is no need to any extra settings. The backup will save complete data and apps along with other settings, however it will not save Apple Pay Cards and Bluetooth pairing and passcode for Apple Watch.

But if your iPhone get stolen or misplaced then you may not be able to back up your Apple Watch. In order to avoid such a problem you may need to setup automatic backups on your iPhone also. For that you can sync your iPhone with iCloud or can manually take backups on PC also.

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How to Backup Apple Watch & Restore After Unpairing to iPhone

What type of data can be restored with Apple Watch Backup?

As we said earlier, the back up will cover almost 99 percent things on your Watch. Although there are some things which it will not be able to cover and we will also discuss them. However, for now take a look on the list which can be restored on your Apple Watch with an iCloud backup.

  • Home screen along with complete layout of apps
  • Dock settings along with in-depth settings for each app.
  • Your front clock face along all personalizations
  • Timezone, system settings, brightness and all other related settings.
  • Complete health and fitness data saved on Apple Watch.
  • All notification settings for each individual app.
  • Siri Settings when you backing up any latest model of Apple Watch.
  • All photos, and music (if any) will also be backed up.

However, there are somethings which will not be available your Apple Watch Backup when sync with an iPhone. It contain very nominal items like Bluetooth pairing, passcode for your Apple Watch, and lastly credit & debit cards detail from Apple Pay.

What are Steps to Restore an Apple Watch Back Up

The first step is to reset your Apple Watch before you can restore your Back Up. After that second step is to re-pair your Apple watch to your iPhone. When you start that process, the system will ask you to continue with a backup or just continue as a new product.

  • At this point you have to select ?Restore from BackUp? and then the system will give you a list of backups.
  • Here you have to select the backup which you want to use (Most commonly the newest possible works best).
  • Wait, until the backup is restored fully and it can take time depending on your data size.

Finally, just restore the data on your Apple Watch which is not available on backup including Bluetooth paired devices, Apple pay linked cards and more.