6 Best Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone 2020

Music is the best companion during long journeys and especially when want to spend time while relaxing. Although the music is best known to release stress from tight office schedules. Here are some best free offline music apps for iPhone 2020 to keep your device portable while enjoying music.

During long trips when you have your earpods playing music helps to relive the boring environment. If you are able to listen music offline on your phone then it can help to increase battery life for your iPhone. There is also another way to enjoy offline music streaming where you have to transfer music from iTunes on iPhone.

Best Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone

6 Best Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone 2020

1. Spotify

Spotify free music app
credit: spotify.com

It is the most popular offline music app for iOS. It allows you to create playlists to add songs of your choice and genre. Beside to that you can also share your playlists with others. If you are using premium membership plan the you can add up to 3,333 songs in offline playlist. Spotify App is intelligent enough to switch to offline version automatically when you suddenly lose internet connection.

2. Vox Music Player

Vox Music Player app
credit: vox.rocks

Another offline music playing app for iOS where you will get a cloud space to store your favorite tracks. Due to a friendly interface many iPhone users love this application. The radio feature allows to find any latest tracks which can also sense your music preferences.

3. Pandora Music App

Pandora iOS app
credit: pandora.com

It is another popular app among iPhone users, it allows you to download music to listen offline on iPhone. The friendly interface allows you create playlists/channels with tracks from same artist or of your personal likings. Pandora iOS also have a built-in AI which picks songs according to your listening habits. However, you can also skip those songs totally.

4. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio app
credit: slacker.com

Radio is another option with which you can enjoy offline music on iPhone. Slacker Radio can fill up that space for you. You can setup radio stations according to your likings. You can use this app on iPhone to replace many other offline music streaming apps.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music App
credit: apple.com

On an iOS device there is no best alternative to Apple Music with multiple features and options. To enjoy offline music on iPhone with this application you will need to download the songs when you have the internet access. On the other side, if you don?t have enough space on iPhone due to huge playlists, then you can try Slacker Radio or Spotify. A negative point for this application which keeps it on number 5 in this list is that you have to buy a plan to enjoy offline music after trial.

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music App
credit: apple.com

On AppStore you can find Google Play Music an app by Google. It can be also a best choice but it also offer offline music streaming with paid plan. You can store up to 50,000 songs and can sort them with artists, genre and multiple other options. You will also get recommendations on the basis of your listening preferences just like Spotify do that.