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What To Do If I Forgot my Apple ID Password or Email

I Forgot My Apple ID Password

If anytime you forgot your Apple ID Password then there are options to recover back your things. Apple ID is basically the account which allows you to connect with multiple services from Apple including iTunes, Appstore, iCloud and?

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4 Methods to Share Location on iPhone / iPad with Friends

Share Location on iPhone

To send your current location to anyone from your iPhone or iPad there are multiple methods. You can even share your location on iPhone with messaging app while on the go. For that purpose you can use Google?

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How to Enable iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode & Still Get Notifications

enable iPhone Do Not Disturb

iPhone do not disturb mode helps you to avoid the phone ring due to calls, texts and all other notifications. iPhone will keep listing your notifications and alerts while in do not disturb mode but you will not?

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What are Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From iPhone

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From iPhone

You can recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone with the help of iCloud backups. If ever you delete any photos accidentally then there is an option restore your photos with the help of the tricks which we list?

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How to Track an iPhone With iCloud.com or Find My App

How to Track an iPhone With iCloud.com or Find My App

You can easily track an iPhone with the help of Find My or Find my iPhone app. It can provide you the last detected location of your iPhone. By default both apps comes pre-installed on both iPhone and?

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How Do I Scan QR Code iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

scan qr code iphone

If you are new to QR code scanning, then you are at right place to know how to scan QR code on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Its really an easy task to scan QR codes on iOS?

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Change Home Address on iPhone with Google & Apple Maps for Directions

Change Home Address on iPhone

You can change the default home address on Google Maps or Apple Maps on your iOS devices simply with few taps. People often use the Google maps or Apple Maps to find a way to a location and?

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Apple Care Plus Coverage for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch & MacBook

Apple Care+ Coverage

Apple devices are quite expensive and everyone knows that, therefore buying an insurance plan worth that. Apple Care Plus coverage helps you a lot to keep the loss to minimum. By default Apple devices include one-year warranty for?

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Can I Share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook

Can I share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook

All devices using iOS 11 or later can easily share the WiFi password to other Apple devices. There is a built-in feature ?Share Your WiFi? which allows you to let other devices connect on your network. To use?

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What Options You Have to Delete Apps on Mac

Deleting an App from MacBook Dock

If you frequently switch over different apps, then you may end up in hundreds of useless apps collected on your MacBook. However, you can delete apps on Mac if you don?t need them. Keeping your Mac clutter free?

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