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How to Fix Mac Earphones / Headphone Not Working Issue?

How to Fix Earphones headphone Not Working Issue

How to Fix Mac Earphones / Headphone Not Working Issue? Some times when you update any software or macOS to latest version you may find some issues with functionalities. Similarly some users reported sound and audio jack problems?

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Set Up Apple TV Without Remote with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Set Up Apple TV

Setting up an Apple TV is really an easy job to do. Even a little kid can do that, but when you?re looking to set up Apple TV without remote then everyone starts thinking how to do that?.

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Troubleshoot & Fix Mac Screen Flickering problem at home

Fix Mac Screen Flickering

Sometimes you may experience Mac screen flickering problem, however, you can fix this problem at home after troubleshooting the issue. The severity of issue vary case to case, some time it is a rare case of light blinking?

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What If Your Mac Sound / Speakers Ain?t Working

What If Your Mac Sound Speakers Ain't Working.jpeg

What If Your Mac Sound / Speakers Ain?t Working? Did your MacBook Pro sound is not working or just the external speakers are not working properly? No matter your volume keys have changed their colors to muted or?

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What are the Steps to Boot into Mac Recovery Mode

Boot into Mac Recovery Mode

When looking to fix and diagnose multiple issues you must try boot into Mac recovery mode trick. This helps to troubleshoot even complex issues in a snap. You can get handful list of tools to solve wide ranging?

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Why iPhone won?t charge? Fix iPhone not charging yourself at home

iphone wont charge

Your iPhone won?t charge when you plugged-in but wait is it working fine on last charging time? Did you drop your iPhone during this time? NO, then you must continue to troubleshoot the not charging problem with this?

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