How Do Apple TV Connect to WiFi Without Remote

There are times when a person lost or misplaced the Apple TV Remote. How do Apple TV connect to WiFi without remote? In such a situation when you need to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote there are few solutions for that. You can setup Apple TV Remote app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for that purpose but that needs your TV and iOS device on the same WiFi.

In today’s scenario as TV is not already connected to WiFi, therefore we can’t use that method. But here is another method which you can use, follow the steps below for that;

Apple TV Connect to WiFi Without Remote

How Do Apple TV Connect to WiFi Without Remote

To setup with this method you need to setup Remote app on iPad or iPhone. Find the Up, Down, Left, Right, Select and Back keys on that remote. Moreover, you need a wire to connect your Apple TV with your WiFi router.

  • Connect your Apple TV with ethernet wire (ADSL Router Cable).
  • Next, connect your iPad or iPhone with WiFi on same network. Open the iOS Remote App after that setup the remote app.

Note: You can’t enable the home sharing as you are not allowed to connect the TV to WiFi when using ethernet.

  • Launch the Settings app by using iPhone Remote, now move to General>>Remotes>>Learn Remote
  • Use the old TV remote to configure with your Apple TV. Be sure that it has up, down, right, left, select and menu keys on it.
  • Now follow on screen prompts to setup the Remote on your iPhone or iPad.

Next, when you have successfully setup that, you can now connect your TV with WiFi by entering the password.