FileMerge is best to compare two files in macOS

FileMerge is a tool by Apple especially for developers. Basically, it lets you identify the differences between any two given files. Its really become handy for developers to identify the coding difference between two files.

Beside to that you can also merge the files by using this file merging tool bundled in with XCode. The comparing features makes it easy to track down the changes in code in two files but also hassle free.

Here in this article today we will learn to use the tool in Mac OS. Before start using the tool, you will need to download it. Sometimes you may get already installed on Mac. Otherwise you will need to install XCode on your Mac from App Store. If its not available then you can download from Apple Developer Site.


How to Use FileMerge to Compare Two Documents

  • Once you install the application successfully, you can open FileMerge at the path
  • Developer>>Applications>>Utilities>>FileMerge.

Now launch the application ?FileMerge? select any two files which you want to compare, then see how its works. The prime use of FileMerge is to compare and merge any two given files specially the codes versions.

You can also compare any text documents by using FileMerge, but Microsoft Word is better option to compare Docx files.