How Much Does Final Cut Pro Cost for Students & Professionals

As we all know that Final Cut Pro is excellent platform for professional video editing. With latest version you can easily handle 4K videos with timeline capability. But stop how much does final cut pro cost? Means what is the subscription price for that piece of code.

How Much Does Final Cut Pro Cost for Students & Professionals

The price is straight forward $300 with multiple device licenses. After you buy one version you will be able to get future updates. Moreover, you can use same license on multiple Mac devices.

How Much Does Final Cut Pro Cost for Students & Professionals

Apple also offers an Academic package for students, where you get a package of all softwares at discounted price. This offer contains Final Cut Pro X with Logic, Compressor, Motion, and MainStage. You have to pay $299 for 6 years license. Which makes it a relatively attractive option of $4.5/month for all the software features.

However, a cheap package is also available where the price for student package is $199. But MainStage and Logic are not available in this package, it is still great option. Both options are awesome when a person is looking for a discount especially when you are able to prove that you are a student. Yes! that?s it, you have to provide a school or college ID to verify your status.

What are Cheap alternatives to Final Cut Pro

What are Cheap alternatives to Final Cut Pro?

When you are looking to get cool features at a reasonable price, with a budget price then Filmora Pro is an option. It is the best choice to get something unique with amazing features. Filmora is finest video editing software an can be used as an alternative to Final Cut Pro. It will cost you around $150 for lifetime.

You can get access to filters, overlays, transitions, tiles and multiple range of effects to fine tune your imagination. On the other hand the sound tools includes noise removal, audio equalizer, key framing and more. This all helps you to create a professional video in a snap.

Filmora Pro also supports 4K videos to give you a crisp video frames. You can also upload and share videos on multiple platforms straight from Filmora Pro interface.

Final Words

The price for Final Cut Pro may seems a little higher when you are paying. But when you compare it over the whole license term i.e. 6 years then you will not feel it a too big figure. Moreover, you will also consider it too low when distribute the price on monthly basis. But on the other hand the alternative (i.e. Filmora Pro) is also quite strong in offering features and cheap price.