How to Find Places Where Apple Pay is Accepted

When you are planning to use Apple Pay while visiting market, then you may be little confuse about the acceptance of payment methods. Today here we will discuss some ways with which you can confirm yourself that where is Apple Pay Accepted.

Apple Pay is continuously expanding its reach among both retailers and countries. People want to use Apple Pay as payment mode due to the fact they will earn Apple Pay Cash on each purchase. However, still there is a lot more room to work before you can freely make payments with Apple Pay at all shopping places. Luckily, there are two ways with which you can confirm that whether that specific retailer is going to accept Apple Pay or not.

Use Apple Pay in these Stores

How to Find Places Where Apple Pay is Accepted

Method 1: Using Official Portal

You can visit official Portal to find the list of all featured stores, restaurants and other shopping locations which accepts Apple Pay. Apple is continually expanding its collaboration with retailers so that it can be easy for consumers to use Apple Pay as payment mode.

Method 2: Using Apple Maps

You can either use your iOS device or MacBook to open the Apple Maps. Then search for the outlet name which you intend to visit. You can either enter the restaurant name, store or even a local retailer.

Tap on Search button to get the results, the look and feel or results varies with the Apple device you are using. However, you will get some related results, tap on the outlet you want to visit.

You will see some options on screen like Directions, photos, buttons, working hours, and lot of other things. Scroll down if on mobile device and tap on ?i? info button if using Mac or iMac. On iPhone or iPad you will see Apple Pay Logo right at the lower side of ?Useful to Know? section. While on Mac devices you can only see that when you click on info Button ?i?.

Lastly, Be Prepared for Surprises:

Although the above information available on Maps can be trustable. But sometimes the restaurant or outlet owners may forgot to update that info for their outlet. So, be ready for some surprises like may be they are in-process to implement the sync of POS with Apple Pay. On the other hand it may be possible that a business or a specific brand outlet has started to accept Apple Pay but the information is not updated on Apple maps.

However, such problems are not reported frequently. You can keep trusting information from Apple official portal and Maps also.