What Options Do I Have to Get Spotify on Apple TV

If you use Apple TV frequently while you are in your living room. Then probably you find some things missing from your Apple TV. Similarly, I am fond of music therefore I miss Spotify. Here today we will learn how to get Spotify on Apple TV.

As both of these apps are not inherit to the tvOS therefore you will need a workaround to fix this issue. You can use AirPlay from your iPhone, iPad, or even Mac to get Spotify on your Apple TV.

But this feature will only work, if AirPlay is activated on your Apple TV. You can check that from the settings menu and then move to AirPlay.

how to get spotify on Apple TV

Tip: AirPlay needs your both devices i.e. Apple TV and iPhone/iPad/Mac on same WiFi network. You must check this before your continue with the following steps.

What Options Do I Have to Get Spotify on Apple TV

Get Spotify on Apple TV Using iPhone / iPad?

You can AirPlay on your iOS device to stream content to your Apple TV.

  • For that you will just need to open Spotify App on your iPhone/iPad and then play the song of your choice.
  • Now on the screen find the option ?Devices available? then tap on ?More Devices? and tap on your Apple TV.
  • You can also use this method for any other thing. You can stream a football match on your AppleTV for free by using any free streams on Facebook.

How to Enjoy Spotify on Apple TV Using Mac?

Similarly, you can also use MacBook to stream the content on your AppleTV. This concept is also some time known as screen mirroring. You can do that by using the following steps;

  • First turn-on your MacBook and wait until it loads all the things.
  • Now, look at the top right side of screen, then find and click on AirPlay Logo.

Now select your Apple TV from the devices list. Within few seconds you will see your Mac book screen mirrored on your AppleTV. Once you do that successfully, now you can enjoy anything on your AppleTV via Mac.

You can play Spotify music, stream YouTube videos and much more.