How to Activate, Setup, & Turn-on Siri

Siri is an automatic algorithm-based digital assistant launched by Apple. It helps users to control their Apple devices with voice commands. Just like Google Assistant you also need to activate Siri before you can use it on your device. The steps to enable Siri on your iPhone, or iPad are quite similar. How to Activate, Setup, & Turn-on Siri.

Make it sure that you have a compatible device before starting up to setup Siri on your device. With Siri you can automate many tasks with just a little voice commands. Like you can send messages, make calls, setup a route and more.

How to Activate, Setup, & Turn-on Siri

How to Activate, Setup, & Turn-on Siri

To start Siri on your device, you will require to press and hold the HOME BUTTON. Within few seconds (3, 4 sec) you will see that Siri is starting on your device. By default Siri is installed on all compatible devices and just require to turn it on. You can now start using your phone with voice commands.

Note: If Siri is not launching with this method, then it means either it is deactivated or your iOS version do not support Siri. You can continue below to fix this issue.

  • Another method to start Siri on iOS device is to say ?Hey Siri? when your device is lightning cable is plugged in. This command will then launch Siri without the need to press any buttons.
    • If this command is not working for your device then move below.
  • Connect your headphones with your iOS device and then press and hold the call button. You can also use Bluetooth headphones for that purpose.
  • Soon you will see a notification now release the button Siri is now live, start giving voice commands.
  • If you are driving and on the go you can use press and hold the ?Voice Button? on steering to launch Siri. This is an awesome feature of CarPlay, but it only works if you have sync your mobile to use CarPlay.
  • Beside to that you can also press and hold the HOME BUTTON available at CarPlay screen to turn-on Siri.
  • If you want to turn-on Siri for Apple Watch then just bring the watch up to your face. This will automatically start the Siri and you can start sending voice commands or questions.

How to Enable a Deactivated Siri?

You can disable Siri from the settings. When a Siri is disabled you can?t activate it by using the above methods rather you have to use another trick to enable Siri.

TIP: iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch up to 4th Gen do not support Siri. Even if you install latest version of iOS on these devices, Siri will not work on these devices.

  • You can use Apple Official website to determine the model of your iOS device.
  • Check your iPhone Model
  • Find your iPad Model
  • Identify your iPad Model
  • Now launch the Settings App on your device now click on the ?General? option.
  • On the new screen you will scroll down and find ?Siri? option then tap on it. If you are unable to find Siri here your device is not compatible for Siri.
  • Here just enable the Siri by using the toggle button. You can also disable it by using the same toggle button.
  • Next, enable the option ?Hey Siri? to make your Siri live when you give this command.