How to Add Money to Apple Pay or Apple Cash

You can add money to Apple Pay Cash with multiple available methods. Apple Pay Cash is another reward earning which you can use to add in your Apple Pay balance. You can also use iMessage to get some money transferred from a friend to your Apple Pay wallet but that needs an iOS 11.2 version at least.

In addition to that you can also add money to your Apple Wallet by other methods without waiting for your friend?s response. The process is quite simple, but before that you will need to setup Apple Pay Cash. You have to add a debit card to Apple Pay to add balance in Apple Pay Cash.

How to Add Money to Apple Pay or Apple Cash

How to Add Money to Apple Pay or Apple Cash

Once you set up Apple Pay Cash on your wallet, now you ready to add money to your card.

  • Start Settings app on your Apple device and now find the option ?Wallet & Apple Pay? and open it.
  • Now, under cards section find option ?Apple Pay Cash? and tap on it. (Make it sure it is enabled).
  • Next, find the option ?Add Money? tap on it and enter the amount you want to add in Apple Pay Cash. (Minimum amount is $10 and Max. is $3,000).
  • Now to confirm the transaction by tapping on the ?Add Button? at the top right corner of screen. At last confirm the amount added on the balance or not.
  • During the transaction you may also have to select the debit card which you want to use charge against the transaction. If you have multiple debit and credit cards linked with your Apple Pay.
  • During this transaction you will see all credit cards as not available and full list of debit cards from which you can choose any one.
  • This is because Apple Pay Cash balance transfer do not support Credit cards you have to use a debit card for that purpose.


One more thing you will required to finally verify your identity and secure up the process of balance transfers. That is you have to verify the transaction with your Touch ID or Face ID.

You can see the Apple Pay Cash balance updated on all the linked devices. The Apple pay wallet is synced with Apple ID so, all the Apple devices using same Apple ID will show the balance. You can use Apple Pay Wallet on Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.