How to Erase an iPhone Before Selling or Giveaway

If you want to sell your phone or just planning to giveaway then you must wipe your iPhone data. You might want to know how to erase iPhone if you are not a tech savvy person. Most of smartphones now store multiple types information including photos, apps, chats, videos and even browsing behaviors beside to music and other documents.

While keeping all the above things in mind, its now become really important that you erase all the data before selling it. Today here we will learn about what are our options for deleting personal data from iPhone.

How to Erase an iPhone Before Selling or Giveaway

How to Erase an iPhone Before Selling or Giveaway

Before you continue with rest of steps it is really important that you take an iCloud backup of your iPhone. This helps to refresh all the current settings along with apps, photos and all other things on your iPhone. You can follow the below steps to take a backup.

  • iCloud offer 5GB of free storage space, after that you have to buy a plan to continue using the service. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you delete all unnecessary files to consume lesser space where possible.
  • Now, connect with WiFi network so that you can easily transfer files to iCloud server.
  • Next, go to ?Settings App? > Tap on your name>> iCloud>> iCloud Backup and enable the toggle button. Now, tap on option ?Backup Now?.
  • You can also make a backup on your Mac hard drive by using iTunes. For that just connect your iPhone to Macbook with USB cable. Launch iTunes on your machine and wait until iPhone appears on it, then tap on it.
  • Next, in back-up section tap on ?This Computer? and then click on ?Back Up Now? and wait until it creates the file.

How to Wipe an iPhone Before Selling?

Now when you are done with the above steps, you are ready to wipe / erase your iPhone. The steps below will get you to delete all the data from iPhone and iCloud / iTunes backup will help to restore your current data and settings on new iPhone.

  • At first step you will need to unpair your Apple Watch from iPhone. Open the app ?Apple Watch? and tap on ?myWatch? select it then tap on ?Info icon? and tap on ?UnPair? watch.
  • Next, sign-out of iCloud, Appstore and iTunes. For iOS 10.2 or higher open Settings app, tap on ?YourName? scroll to last and tap on ?Sign-Out?.
  • For iOS 10.1 and earlier, open settings> iCloud> Sign Out. Confirm your action and then tap on ?delete? then provide your Apple ID and password. Then same steps for AppStore and iTunes.

TIP: You can also skip this step as when you reset your iPhone everything will be removed automatically.

  • Now follow this path to Erase all content and settings on iPhone. Settings> General> Reset> tap on Erase All Content and Settings> Enter your Passcode> now Tap on ?Erase? to confirm your decision.

Normally, people give away or sell iPhone by just clearing the gallery or photos app. But in our opinion its not an ideal way to erase an iPhone. To protect your privacy we always recommend to follow the above steps to wipe your iPhone like a boss.