How To Track, Locate, Find One Lost Airpod

Time comes in life when you are unable to find Airpods and situation becomes worse when you have to receive calls while on drive. At first glance when you look at Airpods it feels like its easy to steal someone?s Airpods. But in fact it is not, especially when now Apple has introduced tracking feature in it. How To Track, Locate, Find One Lost Airpod?

You can use Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac feature to track your lost Airpods. Moreover, you can also use iCloud find my service to locate Airpods on a map. Lets move to steps to find a missing Airpod.


How To Track, Locate, Find One Lost Airpod

Tracking Airpods on iphone, iPad or iPod

  • First of all launch the Find My app on your iOS device.
  • Next, Sign-in with the Apple ID which is connected with Airpods
  • Now, from the map find your Airpod name and tap on it. (The map will show all linked airpods to that specific ID)

How To Track, Locate, Find One Lost Airpod

  • This will open the last detected location for your Airpods.
  • Now the green dot on your Airpod location tells that Airpods are live and have charge.
  • Gray dot means they are either offline, zero battery, or outside range.
  • Next, tap on Actions at the lower side of your screen, this will open some tracking options for you.

Find my Airpods Actions button

  • Here one can see two buttons ?Play Sound? and other one is ?Car Icon?. The play sound will help to find your Airpods with a ring when you are near by. While car icon help to geut driving path to drive back to Airpods location.

When you choose to Play Sound, you will get options to mute left or mute right. This helps to find one Airpod if you have one in your possession.

How to track Offline AirPods

  • If your airpods are offline, you will see the gray dot and unable to play sound on it.
  • However, you can tap the Car Icon to get directions for driving to reach the last detected location.
  • If your someone picks up your airpods and charge it, then it will again start to show location. You will also receive notification as soon as it is able to connect to your sync iOS device via bluetooth.

What happens if someone steal your AirPods?

Well there are limitations to all the tracking features especially with AirPods. Because if you suspects that someone has stolen your AirPods then its really hard to get that back.

How To Find One Lost Airpod.jpeg

Because he/she can easily reset your AirPods and can then connect it to their own iOS device. In such a scenario Find My AirPods feature will not able to help you.

As there is no iCloud lock or similar lost mode feature for AirPods. Therefore you can?t track it for a long way. Rather the person finds it can simply reset it then pair it with another Apple ID to make it under his/her ownership.