How Do I Repair iPhone Home Button Not Working MySelf

If your iPhone home button won?t working, or some time it is working while other times home button not working. Even if your iPhone home button is broken then you can fix it. No matter you are using iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone, 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X or later.

There are some workaround which you can try to fix iPhone home button. At first step we will try to fix the issue using some software tricks and settings. If your issue is not fixed, then we will move to hardware troubleshooting and you may reach an expert or DIY with this guide.

iPhone Home Button Not Working

Over time iPhone home button may stop working or not responding when trying to authenticate with TouchID. If you feel that repair is little expensive and can disturb your budget this month and you plan to get it done after few days. Then fortunately, Apple there is little option in iOS which can be really helpful to cover you in such an event.

How Do I Repair iPhone Home Button Not Working MySelf

Fix # 1: Software Fix for iPhone Home Button

When your iPhone home button is broken or not working at all when it looks good. Then its time to make your iPhone in good working condition with just a simple trick.

  1. Open the Settings App and then move to ?General?
  2. Now, find and tap on ?Accessibility? and then scroll down until you find option ?Assistive Touch?.
  3. Next to that option you will find the button, enable that toggle button to make it green. You can see the below image for further clarification.
  4. Now, instantly you will see the little home button on your Touch-Screen. This button can be then used as a replacement of physical home button on your iPhone.
Repair iPhone Home Button Not Working

If you are using an older iOS version then the settings interface is little different on old devices. You can enable the accessibility feature at this path Settings>>General>>Physical & Motor>> Assistive Touch>> Turn on with toggle button.

As we said earlier, this will bring up a square circle on your screen. You can drag it anywhere on screen, if you leave it for a while it will become transparent.

This will give you full access to all functions which you normally able to do with physical home button. When you tap on the touch home button it will give your six options ?Home?, ?Notification Center?, ?Control Center?, ?Custom?, ?Siri?, and every other thing which you are able to do with physical hardware buttons.

With ?Custom? you can set up your own gestures to control a list of tasks which are built-in by default. You have three different types of gestures including pinch, double-tap and 3D touch and you can set them for volume controls, lock screen, screenshot, mute, screen rotate, and even more.

At start you may feel it a little annoying while having a little different thing (i.e. home button) on your screen. But it may be worth when you are out of your pocket or don?t want to spend a big repairing cost.

Fix # 2: Fix iPhone Home Button with Hardware Repair ? DIY

Before taking it at your own hands it is always recommended to first see the iPhone warranty guide. Sometimes even if your iPhone is in warranty you may not be eligible to claim a warranty. For example if you dropped your iPhone accidentally and after that home button malfunctioned or if your iPhone is water damaged then warranty is void.

Most commonly iPhone home button not responding issue arise after 2 or 3 three years of continous use. However, some models are also prone to this problem just like iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Similalry Apple also accepts and arranged free repair program for iPhone 5 power button, after a widespread problem among that model.

But unfortunately, Apple has not yet arranged any free repairs or replacements for iPhone home button won?t working issue. But according a consumer survey it has been seen that iPhone with TouchID have a very low ratio of home button not working issue as compared to one?s that do not support TouchID.

How you can repair it yourself? I will not recommend that to you, but yes you can repair it your self at home but only when you are confident about that. I will always recommend you to make an appointment with Apple

to get your decide repaired from experts. Moreover, if you are not sure about your personal skills for repair, then you must not give it a try. Otherwise you will make things worse and may be you get the iPhone lost.