iPhone 6 screen replacement ? DIY repairing steps

iPhone 6 screen replacement becomes inevitable whenever the damage is examined as beyond repair. The front panel replacement is not quite tricky but involves some extra care due to delicate parts of the motherboard. There are two options for a consumer that either go to an official apple store and ask for repair or go to affiliate service centers for a cheaper but quality work.

Today here we will discuss some common problem which can lead to iPhone 6 display-related problems. Most often the prime reason to change iPhone 6 screen is a broken front panel either due to accidental drop or anything else. Anyways, the steps for iPhone 6 screen replacement are as below.

iPhone 6 screen replacement ? DIY with expert advice

You will need a few tools to carry out this tech operation and fix your iPhone 6 screen yourself at home. The list is as below;

  • Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic Spudger
  • iPhone 6 Screen Assembly

Step 1: Removing the screws at the charging port

First, turn off your phone and wait until the screen goes off completely. Locate the two screws sitting on the right and left the side of the charging port.

checking iPhone charging jack

Step 2: Lifting the screen up by using the suction cup

Lifting the screen up by using the suction cup

Firmly fix the suction cup on the screen while pressing it properly, now hold the lower portion of the body with one hand and pull the suction cup with another hand to lift up screen but with a constant force.

Now use the plastic spudger to break the screen and lower body contact slowly, this will help you to completely separate the lower body from screen adhesive sides.

Step 3: Removing the screen strip from iPhone 6 motherboard

Removing the screen strip from iPhone 6 motherboard

Hold the screen panel with one hand in an upright 90?angle and then remove the protective screwed layer on top of the LCD cable connector. The screws here vary in size therefore, place and save them in a set pattern so that fixing back can be an easy process.


Step 4:Carefully lifting up the screen connector

You can use the spudger or Tweezer to disconnect the screen connector from motherboard. Here great care is needed, you are not required to dismantle the lower female socket on the motherboard.

At next remove the home button connector from the motherboard with just a gentle force of your spudger.

Step 5: Dismantle the front camera connector

The gentle force of spudger is needed to completely remove the screen from the lower motherboard by separating front camera cable connector.

Step 6: Removing digitizer connections

Now just remove the digitizer cable connection along with screen cable connector by using gentle force to completely lift off the screen from the body.

Step 7:Dissembling the front panel of iPhone 6

First, remove the earpiece screws and front camera and secure the screw in with same orientation. Now remove the front camera from the front panel along with the earpiece. Do not lift up the things quickly, as there is a microphone attached to the assembly under the sensor cable.

Dissembling the front panel of iPhone 6

Carefully separate mic from the adhesive and remove the front-facing camera from the assembly.

Step 8: Working on home button protective layer

Remove the protective layer by unscrewing the seven screws to unveil the real LCD of iPhone 6. Keep the screw orientation with the same pattern as they vary in size. Gently lift up the home cable connector to remove it from the place. After gently removing the adhesive you can now lift up the home button.

Be careful if the home button is damaged in this process, it can be a serious issue as the touchID will not work on it again even if you replace a new one.

Step 9: Uncovering the LCD panel with a protective layer

Uncovering the LCD panel with a protective layer

Use your spudger to gently lift up the shield plate and set it aside. Now slowly disassemble the LCD panel from the plastic casing.

Step 10: iPhone6 screen replacement

Now put back your new LCD assembly at the same place but before that, remove the front protective plastic film. Carefully handle the strip and cable connector of LCD, as these are very fragile parts of the whole assembly.

Step 11: Putting back LCD shield cover

Put back the protective steel cover on the back of the display panel while keeping the LCD connectors secure. Screw all the seven screws in the same orientation.

After that, place back the home button in its place and then connect the cable as it was connected before.

Step 12: Screw up the home button bracket

Now screw back the home button bracket or protective cover and tighten up the two screws with it.

Step 13: Now setup all the sensors and microphone back in place

Place back the microphone on the panel and then fit the proximity sensor in the place. Keep all the things align same as it was before to avoid anybody fixing problem later.

Step 14:Assembling front camera & earpiece

Now hold the front camera and first place the earpiece in the respective bucket, then at the next step fit the camera in its relevant bucket.

Place the protective steel layer and tight-up the screws in the same orientation as you removed them.

Step 15:Assuring the orientation of the strips

Make sure that the cable orientation is as it is as you removed them before. Front camera cable must be in between the rest of two cables.

Step 16: Plug-in the connectors on the motherboard

Connect all the front panel cables back to their connecting ports at the motherboard one by one and then gently press my finger to make a sure tight connection.

Place back the protective layer and then replace the screws back in the same orientation.

Step 17: Closing both parts of the iPhone 6

Start by first putting the upper lip of the display panel at the given groove of case. Firmly press the sides of the display along the edges strong adhesive grip. Don?t put up excessive pressure to break the digitizer.

If the display is not in the right position after the above steps,? you can re-try after removing and then replacing it back with the same method.

iPhone 6 screen replacement

Step 18: Fixing back charging port screws

Now place back the two penta-lobe screws at the sides of charging port. Then remove the protective plastic film from the digitizer.

Turn-on the iPhone 6 by using the power button, in most cases things works normally. However, if the iPhone 6 doesn?t turn on then you have to hard reset your iPhone 6by using the simple technique.