How to Enable iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode & Still Get Notifications

iPhone do not disturb mode helps you to avoid the phone ring due to calls, texts and all other notifications. iPhone will keep listing your notifications and alerts while in do not disturb mode but you will not get any sound.

You can either manually set ?Do Not Disturb Mode? or can also schedule to automatically turn on at specific times in a day. Fortunately, this feature is really good when you want to attend meetings or office gatherings without any disturbance. After you get free from your busy events you can then see complete list of notifications for phone calls, social mentions, text messages, notifications from apps and all other activities on your iPhone.

iPhone Do Not Disturb

While keeping the needs of users iPhone Do No Disturb mode is added by Apple to make your smartphone quite. This will make your iPhone completely quite with all sounds and notifications lights turned off. However, you can see the on-screen notifications when you turn-on the screen.

How to Enable iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode & Still Get Notifications

How to Manually enable iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode

  • First open the control center on your iOS device. For that there are two ways depending on your iOS version.
  • Swipe up from bottom of screen to open on older iPhone or iPad. While if you have iPhone X or later then swipe down from top-right side of your screen.
  • Here, tap on ?Do Not Disturb? option this will activate the Do not Disturb mode on iPhone or iPad. You can turn-off it manually by using control center when you need that.
  • You can also customize the settings for Do Not Disturb mode. For that again open the control center when you enable the mode. Just press and hold the do not disturb icon and you will three options.
    • Enable it for 1 hour
    • Activate until evening
    • Turn-on until you?re at current location
  • Finally, you have activated do not disturb on your iPhone or iPad. However, there are some other methods also with which you can customize the abilities of this feature.

How to Enable iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode

How to Schedule Do Not Disturb on iPhone?

  • First of all launch ?Settings app? then look for ?Do Not Disturb? and tap on it
  • Next, find and tap on ?Scheduled? then use the toggle button to enable it.
  • To set the time to turn-on the feature tap on ?From ? To? option. Here enter the time to begin and end ?iPhone do not disturb mode?.
How to Schedule Do Not Disturb on iPhone
  • iPhone will save the settings after you tap on the back button. You can also setup your bedtime and other things for further customization.

Intro to Customization options on iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode

BedTime Mode: It will automatically enable the do not disturb mode at your bedtimes. You can adjust your bedtimes accordingly after you enable the option.

Silence: Here you can set the level of silence on notification your phone receives during the do not disturb mode. Always option will make it silent at each event. While 2nd option of ?iPhone Locked? allows it to make sound when you are using it.

Enable Do Not Disturb Wile Driving: This will enable the do not disturb mode automatically when you are driving. But this will need a Bluetooth capability for your car.

Emergency ByPass: This option is available in contacts app. It allows you to make any specific contact ring or vibrate during the do not disturb mode is active.