Why iPhone won?t charge? Fix iPhone not charging yourself at home

Your iPhone won?t charge when you plugged-in but wait is it working fine on last charging time? Did you drop your iPhone during this time? NO, then you must continue to troubleshoot the not charging problem with this guide written by iPhone repairing expert.

ios9 battery charging iconNotice back did your device shows the bolt icon right beside the battery icon, on the top status bar, this means everything is fine and no need for worries. However, if this is not the case then continue below for troubleshooting and fixing iPhone isn?t charging problem.

If iPhone won?t charge ? What are the common reasons

In fact, there are multiple reasons which can cause the iPhone not charging issue and you have to troubleshoot properly where your iPhone lie within stages.

  • Charging cable is damaged.
  • Carbon or rust development on charging cable points.
  • Charger not plugged in properly.
  • The charger is out of order, try charging your iPhone with another charger (one can lend it from a friend).
  • Software or any other configuration problem, try to reboot your iPhone
  • Rust or dust on iPhone charging port, try using an old toothbrush and any volatile solvent like gasoline or CTC
  • Charging IC problem, or any other intense hardware issue

Fixing iPhone not charging issue at home

Follow the pattern step-wise to avoid any severe trouble

1.???? Charging stopped at 80 percent

iPhone software is configured to automatically stop charging if the battery temperature is going too high, this helps to increase the lifecycle of your battery. Don?t worry about this issue, just wait until the temperature goes down, you can also consider removing charger.

2.???? Inspecting Charging Cable & Charger

Carefully examine the charging cable for any severe damage, bents or even for any visible moisture on charging pin. If there is such a case, buy a new charging cable. Look for any lose points and for proper charging the connections must be firm between charging cable, adapter and even wall outlet points.

Inspecting Charging Cable Charger

Now look for any visible problem with charging adapter,examine thoroughly the legs for any broken connection if visible. Then continue towards the cable port, examine for any breaking points. An accidental drop can hurt the inner circuit of the charger and this can lead to invisible damage, try replacing your charger or lend from any friend for troubleshooting. Sometimes rust or debris can on charging cable and adapter connection points can also lead to problem. You can use an old toothbrush for cleaning purpose and even try any professional solution like CTC (high-tech circuit cleanser).

3.????? Error ?Accessory not Supported or Certified?

Sometimes iPhone also gives error ?Accessory isn?t Supported/Certified? this situation can be due to multiple reasons but the prime reason is that your charger isn?t supported for your iPhone model. However,sometimes this also occurs due to debris or rust on connecting points and due to any software issue. You can also try to update your iPhone to remove this issue. Otherwise ?HARD RESET YOUR iPHONE? with following commands.

4.???? Hard Resetting iPhone

Software configuration issues also sometimes lead to iPhone not charging issue. Most often the issue can also be due to any virus or malware, however hard reset can fix that easily.

Applying on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS Max, XR

  • Just Press Volume Up button and then release
  • Press Volume Down button and then release
  • Finally, press and hold the power button and wait until the Apple logo is visible on the screen

Applying on iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  • Press Volume Down and Power button at the same time and wait until the Apple logo is visible on the screen.

Applying on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, & Older

  • Press both Power and Home button at the same time and wait until the Apple logo comes, and then let the system do its work.

If your iPhone is still not charging, then continue to the steps as listed below.

5.????? Inspecting iPhone charging jack

Take a look inside the iPhone charging port, use any flashlight for assistance. Look for any dust of rust which is preventing the creation of circuit. Overtime such connection points are prone to collect carbon, and rust also due to excessive moisture or sometimes even due to dropping phone in water.

Inspecting iPhone charging jack

Examine the points in charging jack and look for any broken point, if everything is fine then just take an old toothbrush having soft bristles and gently rub against jack.

  • The points are fragile so, don?t apply too much pressure.
  • Examine again after you complete, repeat the process if charging port is not clear enough
  • Try charging your phone now hope, it will work.If not then continue below.

6.???? Finally, using DFU Mode

This is the last step you can do yourself at home to fix iPhone isn?t charging issue.

TIP: Before proceeding with this option make it sure that you backup your iPhone using iTunes.

DFU Restore is basically a technical name of ?factory reset? with which your phone settings will be reverted back and configure it as it came first time in your hand after factory.

Alert: Be aware, using this method will erase all your data, so if you have anything important consider making a copy for that data.

  • Connect your iPhone with a computer and then open iTunes
  • Now press the Power button and Home button simultaneously and keep pressing for 8 seconds
  • After that, keep holding Home button and leave Power button wait for a message that appears on the laptop saying ?iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode?
  • Leave the Home button also, and start the ?factory reset? setup.

7.???? Your iPhone needs a technician

If still, the problem exists, then there is any severe problem within your iPhone hardware and it needs an expert. You can opt for an Apple Authorized Service Provider or consider visiting nearest Apple Retail Store or contact a representative from Apple Support.