How To Locate, Track & Find my Apple Watch When its Lost / Stolen

If ever your Apple watch is misplaced of lost somewhere you will try some ways to get it back. You can use the Find My Apple Watch feature on your device to locate its geo position with any other Apple device.

This feature is really awesome when you are looking to get the stolen Apple Watch back. Now a days pocket pickers are going really common, especially at rushy places.

How To Locate, Track & Find my Apple Watch

How To Locate, Track & Find my Apple Watch When its Lost / Stolen

Method 1: Tracking Apple Watch with your iPhone?

With Find My iPhone you can get the physical location of your linked devices. But you will need to set it up first, after that you will be able to find all your linked devices including Apple Watch MacBook and AirPods.

  • First you will need to get the iPhone which is paired with your Apple Watch. Another thing which must be done before you lose your Apple watch is ?Enable Find My iPhone? to get the things work.
  • Start ?Find My iPhone App? and sign-in with Apple ID which is linked with your Apple Watch.
  • Soon you will see all the devices which are linked with that Apple ID. Tap on your Apple Watch and try to understand the location.

Find my Apple Watch

If you feel that Apple Watch is nearby, then tap on ?Actions? and now tap on ?Play Sound?. This will make your device produce a sound, it helps to find the watch.

Method 2: Locating Apple Watch with iCloud Website?

You can also use and sign-in with your Apple watch linked Apple ID and use myServices to access Find my iPhone feature. Next you can follow the same steps as above.

iCloud find my iPhone feature

You can also setup the ?Lost Mode? from the actions tab. It will flag your device as lost or stolen, this will prevent any person to turn-off the ?Find my iPhone? feature on Apple Watch and also require a password for that. Beside to that you can also Wipe your device to delete all the data from it and protect your privacy. When you enable the ?Lost Mode? you can display a message on home screen with a phone number to contact you.

What You Can do if Map Do Not Show Your Apple Watch?

If you can?t see your Apple Watch on the map after you sign-in to your linked account on Find my iPhone. Then there are few things which can be the reason for that. Either you Apple Watch is not connected to WiFi or mobile data, it is out of charge, or not paired with your iPhone. Another thing which can cause this issue is that you have not activated ?Find my iPhone? on your device.

  • Here you can find out how the Apple Watch transmits the location when you start tracking your device with Find my iPhone.
    • Apple Watch series 1 do not show accurate position. Rather it shows the position of WiFi network it is connected with or the location of linked iPhone.
    • Apple Watch Series 2 use GPS and a WiFi to transmit its location. While Series 3 uses GPS and WiFi + Cellular data to transmit location.
    • Apple Watch Series 4 also uses GPS + Cellular data to transmit location. It can also use WiFi to transmit if it is connected with a network.

The Apple Watch will not be able to send location to the linked iCloud or Apple ID if you have not enabled ?Find my iPhone? feature on it. Therefore, its really important to enable it, as soon as you start to use it after unboxing.