What is Logic Pro X Price? Can You Upgrade to Latest Version for Free?

An updated version of Logic Pro X is recently released by Apple. A number of features are improved to enhance the capabilities on new Mac devices. Logic Pro X is basically a Music Production Software for professionals, and new version brings up quite good features.

This version can now support 255 stereo audio tracks. Beside to that you will also get highly responsive interface while using 255 software instrument tracks, 1,000 external MIDI tracks and more. Some other software (DAWs) also offers such features and in past offer much more than Logic Pro. However, this release now outranked all those options out in the market.

logic pro x price

In fact an average music producer do not need 1,000 audio or instruments at the same time. However, in more complex productions like a TV audio, video game background music may collectively can reach this threshold. Therefore, developers knows that who is the targeted audience and what are their needs.

What is Logic Pro X Price?

Logic Pro X will cost you $199.99, but if you have any previous version then you can upgrade for free.

Beside to all that, this new Logic X Pro is able to handle up to five times more plug-ins without any trouble on Macbook Pro. If you are not a highly demanding producer, then you may not feel that difference. However, if you are using huge number of audio tracks say 700+ along with chained plugins then you may know the trouble of stuttering Audio. Moreover, such a situation also leads to higher CPU consumption but in new version this problem is almost avoidable when you are using it on Mac Pro.

In short, if you need a highly promising music production house at your bedroom then you must have to spend some huge money. Mac Pro starts at $6,000 and can go up to $$,$$$ when you need more promising specs.