MacBook Not Charging? Fixing Mac Won?t Charge myself at Home

If your MacBook is not charging or your MacBook Pro charger isn?t working then here are few things you can do to fix that. If your MacBook is draining battery or even MacBook pro won?t charge there are few reasons to look in to. MacBook Not Charging? Fixing Mac Won?t Charge myself at Home with these steps.

If your Apple Mac is not holding charge or you are unable to get a good battery time. All the solutions to these common problems we will learn here today.

MacBook Not Charging? Fixing Mac Won't Charge myself at Home

MacBook Not Charging? Fixing Mac Won?t Charge myself at Home

Why MacBook is Not Charging?

Inspecting Charging Cable: Carefully, look in and inspect for any breakage on your charging cable. You can also try to disconnect and connecting back again to MacBook for basic troubleshooting.

Try Different Wall Socket: Next, try to connect your charger at different socket. As there may be a chance that current socket is out or order or not working properly.

Inspecting Charger Connections: Now carefully look in to the laptop adapter connections between both parts (i.e. removable plug and charging cable). If you found any debris or rust just use a soft bristle old toothbrush to clean that. But do not use too much force, always be light handed. If you any color change on charger appearance then it may be a sign of malfunctioning.

You can also borrow another charger from a friend or can ask one from an Apple Store.

Checking Battery Icon: From the top menu bar click on the battery icon. Look in to the sub-menu option and check if it says ?Service Battery? this means you need a battery replacement.

How to Reset MacBook Battery?

In MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro there is an option to reset the battery. However, it also depends on the model of your machine. If your MacBook has a removable battery then just remove it, after that disconnect power cable also. Hold down the power button for a few seconds this will drain all static charge on chipset. Next, either place a new battery or your can also try the old battery. Connect the charging cable and restart your MacBook. This should fix the problem, however, if you are unable to fix your problem then move to next step.

Reset SMC on your MacBook

SMC is an abbreviation of ?System Management Controller?, it is a chip which controls the power and many other functions on the board. Follow the below steps to reset SMC;

Reset SMC on your MacBook

  • First of all turn-off MacBook and connect it with charger.
  • Now, press and hold Control + Shift + Option + Power button for almost 4-5 seconds then release all together.
  • Now, use power button to start your machine normally.

Contacting a Service Center

If the above tricks do not work for you, then there must be a need to service your machine. For that purpose, you can either take it to Apple centers or a certified repair center. If you have an Apple Care plan coverage or your machine is under warranty then you qualify for Apple Service.

  • First of all find your machine serial number. For that click on Apple menu and then ?About this Mac?.
  • Open Apple Official Coverage Portal, now prove that you aren?t a robot.
  • Provide your serial number on this page and allow the portal to check your status by following screen prompts.

If you are under warranty or eligible under Apple Care plan. Then its really easy for you to contact Apple by using options ?Talk to Apple Support?, Live Chat, or Schedule a Call or even visit repair centers.

Fixing a MacBook Draining Battery Quickly

Sometimes a few settings mis-configuration can lead to this problem. If your MacBook is not storing charge or draining battery too quickly then here are few things you need to check.

  • Access ?System Preferences? by using Apple Menu then click on Settings>>Enery Saver.
  • Make it sure that your set the Display Sleep and Computer Sleep settings to ?Never?
  • You can also use the default button to adjust all those settings.

Also, its a good practice to discharge your battery once it is fully charged. This helps a lot to increase the battery life rather then keep plugging in all the time.