How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone 2020 Trick

Although with the time the mobiles are going more sophisticated while companies are loading more and features on every new model. Beside to that, there are some features which are not available in our phones by default but we can enjoy them with the help of external apps. Similarly, how to record a phone call on iPhone is a question which is often asked by people.

Unfortunately, its not an easy job just as calling a friend. But you can do that if you follow this guide, with step by step basis. A number of apps are available in AppStore which offer phone call recording feature. If you are looking best apps to record phone call on iPhone or iPad then you have to spend some money.

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone 2020 Trick

Legal Alert: Recording a phone call without others consent is illegal in some states. Beware about local laws, before making any decision. However, as a rule of thumb there should not be a legal problem when all participants are consenting for recording.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone ? 2020 trick

The external apps which we listed here are capable of recording both incoming and outgoing calls. Any call recording app for iPhone offering great features is not free at all. Rather they often charge a little bit in order to make things happen.

Method 1: Recording iPhone Incoming & Outgoing Calls with External Apps

1. Rev Call Recorder

It is a free app for US phone numbers and can be used for recording calls on iPhone. You can record both incoming and out going calls without any limit or hidden charges. The quality is good enough and there is no need to merge the recordings at the end. The recording is done by using 3-way calling feature and you just have to download file after you finish.

2. IntCall

You have to pay $0.10 per minute and needs WiFi to use the service.

3. TapeACall Pro

S4 per month or $30 per year, you will get unlimited call recordings with best quality of voice.

How to start recording incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone

All the phone call recording apps works in the same way. You just need to connect to the server of the app. When recording an outgoing call you have to first start recording on app and then dial the call. While for incoming calls, you can hold the caller and then start the app to record the incoming call.

Method 2: How to use VoiceMail to Record a Call on iPhone

This can be possible when your carrier supports 3-way calling. But this is the cheapest options you have.

use VoiceMail to Record a Call on iPhone

  • When the call is connected wait a few seconds until the ?Add Call? button appears.
  • Conversate with next person to wait for few seconds. Then tap on ?Add Call? button and dial yourself.
  • Wait until you listen the voicemail greeting and then tone after which recording starts.
  • Now tap on ?Merge Calls? this will merge all the 3 calls. After you finish calling, you can access recordings in voice mail messages.
  • You can also export those audio files if you like so.

This method do not work on all carriers, your service provider must support 3-way calling for that.