How do I Fix / Replace a Damaged AirPod or Charging Case

If you have lost or broken one or two Airpod or even both you can get a replacement. On the other side if you have both Airpods in your hand but charging case is missing or damaged then you can buy a new replacement. Today we will learn how to Replace a damaged AirPod or Charging Case when you need one.

Although it is a fact that Apple brings a new revolution in the market by introducing the wireless Earbuds. Each upcoming model is bringing some improvements just like recently Apple included Find Lost Airpods feature by using its location. But that feature only works if Airpods are present in charging case. However, things are still improving and may be Apple soon add some more sophisticated support for lost Airpods.

How do I Replace a Damaged AirPod or Charging Case

If you have lost, misplaced or even damaged Airpods you can buy a new replacement. Sometimes you may experience Charging problem with Airpods if you are unable to fix that then you can simply buy an Airpods charging case replacement.

How do I Fix / Replace a Damaged AirPod or Charging Case

The cost of buying new pair 2nd generation Airpods is $199 while a pair of AirPods Pro will cost around $249. Both options are really really expensive to just get rid of wired headphones and enjoying the real sense of portability. Although the automatic pairing feature gives another effortless experience but the careful behavior is also required to avoid lost or misplacement of an Airpod.

If you want the AirPods to work properly, then all the three accessories must be in working condition. Although the price for all three units collectively is quite expensive but its worth it when you want to buy an Airpod or just charging case. Here is the list of AirPods replacement price and charging case replacement price.

  • 2nd Gen. AirPod ? $69 Each
  • AirPods Charging Case ? $59
  • Wireless Charging Case for AirPods ? $79
  • AirPods Pro ? $89 Each
  • AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case ? $89

When you buy a new Airpods it comes with one-year warranty. You can fix some common issues yourself like if Airpods is not Charging then try these tricks. If your Airpods are in warranty then you can get FREE SERVICE to common types of manufacturing issues. Like if the battery is making any problem or the backup is not good then you can use this free service. If you don?t fall under the warranty period then you have to buy the replacement to fix your issue.

You can also subscribe to Apple Care+ to enjoy each replacement at $29 per piece for up to 2 accidental incidents during the plan. You can get an AirPod replacement from any Apple Store or even an authorized merchant.

But it is always recommended to first check the warranty of your product. You can visit your nearest Apple Store or can also contact Apple Support for that purpose. They will use the serial number of your device to check the validity of warranty and then share that with you.