How Do I Scan QR Code iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If you are new to QR code scanning, then you are at right place to know how to scan QR code on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Its really an easy task to scan QR codes on iOS devices with the built-in feature to scan with camera App.

It was first forecasted that QR codes will be quite popular when it was in launching phase. However, up to now very few shops, websites or outlets use this feature. The feature is readily available on your iOS devices, however sometimes people finds it a little tedious to get on it. Therefore, here is our article to help you out if you are also looking on how to use your iPhone or iPad is a QR Code Scanner.

scan qr code iphone

The trick works very well when you have the latest version of iOS, however it is also compatible with older versions.

How Do I Scan QR Code iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

How Do I Scan QR Code iPhone or iPad?

  • First of all open the camera app on your iOS device. It depends your iOS version or personal settings where you can find it. But normally it is available on home screen.
  • At next, hold the camera so that you can clearly see the code on your screen. Wait until the iPhone or iPad scans your code (do not press capture button, it will automatically scan QR code) and gives you a popup notification.
  • Tap on that notification and it will take you to the destination of QR code. It can be a website, app or even a settings or feature of your iOS device.

How Do I Scan QR Code on iPod?

If you want to scan qr code on iPod then you can use the built-in wallet app. For that you can follow the below steps.

  • Open the wallet app on your iPod, then tap on the plus button from top corner of ?Passes?
  • Here you will find the option ?Scan Code to Add a Pass? tap on it.
  • You can use next screen to scan QR codes for coupons, tickets, loyalty cards and boarding passes. But there is a limitation that you can only use this scanner to scan codes which the wallet app considers as ?Passes?. If the app do not consider a QR code valid it will simply give you error.

You can also use this same trick on iPhone or iPad. If you still need some extra features for QR code scanning, then you can download any code scanning app from AppStore.