What are Steps to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad & Add Multiple Cards

Before you can use Apple Pay there are some steps to set up Apple Pay. Apple Pay is basically a digital wallet, which is especially built-up for instant payments especially with devices like iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. With this payment mode you don?t need to carry your wallet or handbags with you during your shopping journey.

The reason Apple Pay is popular among shoppers is due to its wide range of acceptability. Almost over three quarters of top Retailers in USA accepts this payment mode.

What are Steps to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad & Add Multiple Cards

This feature is first available for iOS 8 devices. If you have any old iPhone, iPad you can update it to iOS 8 or later to enjoy it. Lets start to configure your iPhone for Apple Pay.

First check your current iOS version, and also you must have iPhone 6 or later to support certain features on this eWallet app.

Set Up Apple Pay

  • Next launch the Settings app and then tap on ?Wallet and Apple Pay? or in some devices it is ?Passbook and Apple Pay?
  • Now at the upper right corner you will find a ?+? button. Tap on it and then be ready to add your card details.
  • After reading the introduction continue below and tap on ?Add new Credit or Debit card?.
  • You can either add the numbers manually or can use camera to scan numbers from your card. Move to next step when finish.
  • At next step, you have to accept the terms and conditions of Apple Pay.
  • The system will ask for human verification, select the method and continue.
  • Depending on your method i.e. text or call you will receive verification on your device.

After successful verification, you will receive an email to confirm the activation of that specific card. Sometimes you can also receive message from your bank while welcoming you on Apple Pay. This step is important, you will always receive a message. If you don?t get message then your card may not be activated yet.

How to add multiple cards & select any default on Apple Pay

You can add as many cards on Apple Pay by following the above steps. No matter which bank do you want to use, Apple Pay has wide range of support.

add multiple cards & select any default on Apple Pay

When you have multiple cards, there may be a need to select a default card on it. For that purpose, you can follow the below steps to make any one card as default payment option on Apple Pay.

  • Open settings app and navigate to ?Wallet & Apple Pay? then tap on it.
  • Next, scroll down until you find ?Default Card? tap on it and select the card which you want to make default payment gateway.