How Do I Share Apple Music With Family on iOS or Mac

Apple Music has successfully manages to capture a huge consumer base within environment of strong competition. If you are looking to share Apple music with family members then the steps below will guide you on that. Family sharing with Apple Music is a nice feature which lets you save few bucks when you opt for family account rather an individual account.

You can add family members to same Apple Music sharing account no matter which device they are using. But its a little easier when they are using an Apple device.

How Do I Share Apple Music With Family on iOS or Mac

How Do I Share Apple Music With Family on iOS or Mac

PreRequisites for Setting Up Apple Music Subscription

  • Apple ID linked with any iOS or macOS
  • iOS 8 or later required for iOS devices
  • OS X Yosemite or later for Mac Book (If sharing on Mac Book)
  • Subscription to Apple Music Family plan

How to Configure Family Sharing on Apple Music

If you are setting up Family Sharing for the first time, then you have to follow the steps below. Otherwise you can skip to next section where you will learn how to add another family member to existing family infrastructure.

Step 1: Configuring Family Sharing on iOS

  • Launch Settings app and at very top tap on your name. If using old device then scroll down and open iCloud Settings.

Configuring Family Sharing on iOS

  • Next, tap on ?Family Sharing? and follow on screen steps.
  • The last step is to invite family members by text message.

Configuring Family Sharing on Mac

  • If you are using family sharing on Mac then the steps will be a little different.
  • Click on Apple Logo from top menu and navigate to System Preferences>> iCloud
  • Next, click on Setup Family Sharing, and follow on screen prompts to finish setup.

Configuring Family Sharing on Mac

Step 2: How to invite Family Members on Shared Apple Music Account

Now you can easily add family members for sharing Apple Music account on multiple devices. After configuration of Family Sharing this is the last step. You can share on multiple platforms including iOS, Mac, & Android but the steps are different.

Invite family members on iOS

  • Open settings app and open the iCloud settings by tapping on your name. Same step as we do before in above steps.
  • Now, find the option ?Add Family Member? tap on it and enter their name or email address.
  • Follow prompts to finish the setup. After that you can tell the member about invitation.

Invite family member on Mac

  • From the top menu click on Apple icon and launch System Preferences then click on iCloud
  • From new sub-menu click on ?Manage Family? and then click on ?+? icon to add a new member. After that follow on screen prompts

Invite family Member on Android

  • Open Apple Music App, next find the menu icon from upper left corner and click on it.
  • From top of sub-menu tap on your photo or name
  • Click on ?Manage Membership? and enter your iCloud password if prompted.
  • Now tap on ?Family Setup? option to reach the family settings
  • On next screen you will find ?Add family Member? click on it and follow on instructions on screen.