Can I Share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook

All devices using iOS 11 or later can easily share the WiFi password to other Apple devices. There is a built-in feature ?Share Your WiFi? which allows you to let other devices connect on your network. To use this feature another device must be using iOS 11 or later. However, you can also Share WiFi password from iPhone to MacBook if it is using macOS High Sierra or later version. Can I Share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook?

You can use the steps on iPhone, iPad, iPod or even MacBook to share WiFi from one device to another. But before that you have to make it sure that these devices are using at least iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra. Before you continue with the below steps make it sure that you meet these criterion to share WiFi.

Can I share WiFi Password From iPhone

  • Enable Bluetooth and WiFi on both devices
  • Do not enable personal hotspot on any device
  • Try to keep both devices within Bluetooth & WiFi range
  • Your Apple ID must be saved on second device Contact App.

How to check the current version of Apple devices?

Before you continue to share iPhone WiFi password to MacBook, you must check the macOS is eligible for that or not?

  • Click on Apple menu and then move to System Preferences
  • Next, click on ?Software Update? and see if any update is available or not. If update is available, then you can update if you want.
  • You will require at least macOS High Sierra if you are not at macOS then you must update before you continue.

Check Current version on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings App and then move to ?General?
  • Here tap on ?About? and you will get a new screen with all details including current software version.

If you are not on latest version then you may need to update your device before you are able to share the WiFi password from iPhone or iPad.

Can I share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook

Make it sure that first device from which you want to share WiFi is connected with WiFi network and is unlocked.

Can I share WiFi Password From iPhone, iPad to Macbook
  • Now on the other person device (Mac) select the WiFi network
  • Next, on your first device (iPhone), tap the option ?Share Password? when you get the confirmation prompt.
  • Lastly, tap on Done.

When you turn-on the WiFi Password Sharing Feature, you just have to tap on the WiFi connected device and that?s it, you will be soon connected to the internet.